Some Useful Postcolonialism Websites

These links were gathered to help folks doing research and study in the field of Postcolonialism. I have no affiliation or connection with any of the sites listed below, but I've visited, used, and enjoyed all of them.

Jouvert: A Journal of Postcolonial Studies

Undoubtedly the most "journally" of the PoCo websites, Jouvert is a great site. So far they have seven issues online (indeed, it looks like the journal is only seven issues old), and they are sponsored / out of North Carolina State University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences. The critics they publish seem to come with very good pedigrees, and I found a lot of interesting material here. All the articles are written in standard journal format, footnoted, and with bibliographies. The journal works with a theme for each issue, so there are groups of essays about cinema, the middle east, sexuality, etc. They also have a "Call for Papers" page, in case anybody is interested in submitting.

The Institute for Postcolonial Studies

An Australian organization, the IPS publishes a journal called Postcolonial Studies and maintains a pretty good website. There are many links to PoCo related material, although not necessarily academic work (e.g. there are links to websites devoted to East Timor and the WTO right now, as well as Jouvert and other more academic sites). Through the site you can subscribe to the journal, check in on the IPS newsletter, and hear about conferences and events within the field.


AKA "Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center," this site has a ton of stuff about popular culture all over the world. Included are overviews of theorists and critics, calls for papers, links to journals and other sites, and even info on academic programs. Not specifically PoCo, but potentially quite useful. Also check out the ever-growing online popular culture magazine, Pop Matters, at http://www.popmatters.com, also run by Sarah Zupko.

Postcolonial Studies at Emory University

Put together and maintained by Deepika Petraglia-Bahri, a faculty member (although the link to the page that talks about the faculty is broken), and is amazingly in-depth. There are links to dozens of authors, critics and theorists, and a page devoted to "Terms and Issues." Within are links to other sites for more information. If you're looking for info on a particular author or critic, this is definitely the place to start.

Contemporary Postcolonial and Postimperial Literature in English

Created by George P. Landow at Brown University, this site is amazing. It's huge, thorough, and covers topics including Africa, Australia, Signapore, New Zealand, Gender, Theory, History, Religion, and much more. Well-documented and clearly presented, this is one highly digable academic site.

Virtual Library for Postcolonial Literature

A course webpage created by Dr. Maureen Moynaugh for her Postcolonial Lit course at St. Francis Xavier University. There are many links to various PoCo resources, including some I'm listing here. Some links are broken, but most work fine.

Technology and Culture, Postcolonial and Hypertext Theory

This site is part of an outreach course from the University of Hawaii, Manoa. There isn't a whole ton on the site, but some interesting thoughts about PoCo and the electronic frontier.






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