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photo by Al WildeySarah and I have just finished our first documentary, Booth Babes: A Short Documentary. It's a short film exploring the Booth Babes phenomenon at E3. We've been going to E3 for the past three years, since I started working with GamesFirst! It's always a blast, and we've always been struck (as has everybody else in attendance, I'm sure) with the women game companies hire to help promote their wares. Why are they there? Where do they come from? What to they want from us? These are just some of the questions on our minds. We got some answers, and we got them on film so we could share our new insight with you. Featuring a great theme song by DJ Funken Wagnalls, some killer stills by Al Wildey, and the interviewing skills of Matt Blackburn, this one should give you a good chuckle. Click here to check out Booth Babes: A Short Documentary.

ecrivain_split.jpg (8649 bytes)Check out L'Ecrivain (the writer), a short film I did for an image and text art course during the fall of 1999. The film is 58 seconds long, and composed of stop-motion photography and animated backgrounds. I've been researching Japanese manga and anime for my MA thesis, and this film is strongly influenced by the Japanese aesthetic. Sarah took the initial photos with a digital camera, and they were then processed into the animation. I removed the backgrounds from many of the frames, and replaced them with expressionistic patterns to reinforce the story of a writer doing what he does -- writing.


Booth Babes: A Short Documentary (Click this link for the big version)
Here is our latest offering. I've got this available in a few different ways, and it should be coming to a streaming video site near you sometime soon, so if this server isn't fast enough just keep checking back.

Click here to view the Booth Babes Trailer
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Click here to watch L'Ecrivain in Real Video.
You know the drill...  If you don't have Real Player installed you can go to and download it. And if you don't get a good download from the server, try it via You can click here to get it through Ifilm.

Click here to download L'Ecrivain (ecrivain.asf)
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running time: 58 seconds
320X240 pixels

* Check out these troubleshooting tips if it doesn't work..


It's finally available! Bad Neighbor: An Urban Legend can be seen on in RealPlayer format, or in Windows Media Player format. It looks great, and it downloads nicely over the 56K modem. Dig those stills.

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Troubleshooting Tips:
You'll need  Windows Media Player, and it should be the latest release. You can download that here.   If you have a Mac, you'll need Indeo 5 support, which I believe is included in QuickTime 4, and you can find more help here.




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