These pages are worth a look, especially if you like what you've found here.

Sarah Wichlacz
Sarah's web page is a great showcase of cool stuff she's done as a photographer and artist over the years. Check out amazing pieces shot on the Lapwai and Couer d'Alene reservations, cool pop art sculpture, critical images, and lots of alternative photographic techniques. You'll want to spend some time here, and it's image intensive.

Brian Clark
Brian is a writer, publisher, student, and all-around great guy. I wouldn't say that if I didn't mean it. So he's got this website where you can find out about him and all, but you can also check out his essays, read a sample from his novel, Splitting, and immerse yourself in an odd variety of stimulations.

Cheat Code Central
Our friends, Vaughn and Dave run this great site. It's hugely popular. If I have to tell you about it, you haven't been playing enough video games.

The Vonnegut Web
Run by Chris Huber, this is the place for KVJ information.
Craig Mitchell's site not only looks way cool, but it's got a lot of great stuff on it. There are some real Internet-classic movies to download, and while you're waiting you can read his novel, She Hates My Futon, check out his Monkeyman & Finch children's stories, or get into his amazingly funny essays like, Starwars is My Best Movie.

Sigma Tau Delta
No, it's not a frat. It's an International English Honor Society, and I'm a member, so there. And if you've ever been in an International English Honor Society, then you know it's not half as nerdy as it sounds. In fact, it's kinda fun. If you don't believe me, consult Michel Aaij. He's a member, too, and you can see his bare ass on his website, which won the award for "Best   Personal Website" at the recent STD convention.





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