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One time I wrote a poem about my mom and dad. I let dad read it. He said he didn't like the imagery and criticized the scansion. In my poem my father was a briefcase and my mother was a Hoover vacuum cleaner. They just sat there, in seperate closets, and there were no words between them.

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My little brother is always making noise, running all over the house with his damn weiner dog. Sometimes mom gives me ten bucks to make him shut up, and then I sit on his chest and pull out his eyebrows. Whenever dad sees us fighting, he takes us out and makes us buy a two-player video game. I kick my little brother's ass at video games.

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I tried to get mom to read the poem, but she was too busy reading her new romance novel. So I asked her for a new video game. She said, "No." And, besides, I was too young to be writing poetry. She said she'd give me 20 bucks for a stiff drink.

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My little brother is always in my room and breaks all my stuff. He cries cause he can't eat his lollipop with his helmet on, and cries if you take it away. I usually kick him out of my room and steal his candy.

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On the weekends dad gets all macho and tries to fix stuff. He walks around and every time he sees me he says, "Where's my assistant handyman?" And I say, "Playing videogames." Mom spends all day cooking early dinner and I get so damn bored all the time.



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